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Compression Socks 360 Denier, 34-38 mmHg / white


Performance and recovery.
Compression fit also has the advantage of being extremely comfortable
an innovative soft fiber with exceptional anti-bacterial and antiodor
An opaque material is breathable  super stretch-resistant.
 From the soles of the feet and the bottom is adopted progressive pressure weave effect beautifully crafted ~ comfortable!
There are no toe peripheral nerve compression design! No compression on the toes
360 Denier Gradual pressure  ​​~ ~ and more modified legs better with clothes!! Beam leg points ~ beauty out!
  Long long standing will easily get sore feet or swelling. You have to prepare a pair of compression calf socks! 
Helps reduce swelling in the ankles.
Anti-bacterial and odorless materials 
Stimulates and invigorates muscles during use.
Keeps legs revitalized and energized after a full day's work
How to take care the Product ~ Hand washable, but also machine washable (laundry bag is good), then dehydrated (do not twist)
Lycra elastic fibers  breathable comfort not hot, tight but not tight, just like your second skin ~ ~ easy to wear elastic stockings without the traditional sense of tension .
Low price so you can easily enjoy the high-quality .