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  • Charcoal deodorant toe socks




    Thick Fabric

    *keeps warm 

    *good for long run, ski, house wear many uses.


    soft towel bottom (absorbent, breathable ,

    suppress odor)

    solid heel weave (comfortable and durable)

    special breathable toe side processing (more dry and comfortable)

    beam end (anti-shedding) design

    Superior combed cotton (pilling),

    the most suitable for those who pay attention to quality and super easy flow of sweat or those long wearing (toe separator to ensure the toes dry - no longer dripping sticky)

    Made in Taiwan

      Good to wear breathable absorbent antibacterial deodorant

    Body with socks combed cotton and bamboo fiber weave

    Stereo heel design - more obedient good to wear

    Using DuPont Lycra spandex elastic fiber LYCRA ~

    (Lycra features: elastic and comfortable - durable - easy relaxation)

    Wearing toe socks feature can keep each toe sutural dry

    So you no longer have to foot odor


    Bamboo socks features:

    Antibacterial. Deodorizing

    Can produce the effect of negative ions far infrared

    Has the effect of moisture permeability